Beaumont book club students quiz writer Ali Sparkes

Some of our Year 8 students were given the opportunity to interview writer Ali Sparkes during her visit last week. Here are a few of the questions they asked:

When you are writing your books, do any parts get edited out and how do you feel about that?

Ali: Yes! Car-Jacked is a prime example of this as it went through three big re-writes. The editor thought that Jack's 'monster mother' was too over the top in the first draft and that her actions were too extreme. Also, the book's ending didn't exist in the early drafts. Without wanting to tell you what happens if you haven't read the book, I had left the ending hanging after Jack's press conference but according to my editor the story needed more closure. I am sad that I lost parts of the book but I think it gained more as a result of the editing. I think the book is way better than it was before.

Are you good at meeting deadlines? 

Ali: I'm not bad as I used to be a journalist which is all about deadlines. As I do a lot of events it has become more difficult to organize my time but I try to write whenever and wherever I can!

Do you watch The Great British Bake Off and who did you want to win?

Ali: Liam! As a character, he was the real winner. I'm a keen baker so I'm really addicted to the show. 

What is your favourite TV show? 

Ali: Bake Off would definitely be in my top five. I also like understated comedies like Detectorists and Rev.

If you could make any of your books into a film which one would you pick?

Ali: I think Car-Jacked would work well. Movies for young people often need a strong adult character so that the movie makers can cast a star adult actor in the role. Both Ross and Leonie's characters would be good for that. I'm waiting for the call from Steven Spielberg!

If you had to choose, would you prefer a world with books and no TV, or a world with TV and no books?

Ali: I like watching television but I would have to go for books and no TV because books can reach people everywhere and in a whole different way. 

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