Challenging our top readers

There is an exciting new display in the library celebrating the launch of a reading initiative called 'Branch out with your reading' aimed at challenging our outstanding readers in Year 7 and 8. The English department has identified a number of students whose vocabulary and comprehension is of a sufficiently high standard to allow them to tackle books at GCSE level. These students will be invited to take part in the scheme and to stretch themselves by reading fiction from a wide range of titles selected by the English department and the librarians.

This selection includes classics, modern classics, young adult and adult fiction chosen to challenge the students' reading skills. There is also a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde category. In this section we have suggested a number of modern fiction titles that explore the same themes or are constructed in a similar way to R L Stevenson's classic novella. The aim of this selection is to introduce the students to the ideas behind Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde before they come to study it at GCSE.  

Mrs Mayer-Khan has produced a booklist entitled 'Challenge Yourself and Branch Out With Your Reading' to support the scheme.
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