AR points - Elgar wins the day

Congratulations to forms 7E and 8E for coming top of this term's AR points tables. 7E  topped their league table by a convincing margin, over 1000 AR points, from nearest rivals 7R. It was a much tighter affair in Year 8, with only 107 AR points separating first and second place. All students who scored 60% or above in an AR quiz this term have contributed to their form's points total, so a great team effort by all our readers. The winning forms will each receive a chocolatey reward! We start again from scratch in January so there is all to play for next term.

Fantastic quizzing everyone....and keeeeep reading!
AR points - Elgar wins the day AR points - Elgar wins the day Reviewed by Beaumont School Library on 12:19 Rating: 5
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