Beaumont quizzers fill the AR board!

With five weeks of the term still to go, the Accelerated Reader display board is already completely covered with stars! Stars are awarded to Year 7 and 8 students when they score 100% on an AR book quiz. This term has seen some very accurate quizzing, as you can tell by looking at the board. If students score 100% on five quizzes they receive a silver star, and a gold star for 100% on ten quizzes. So far this term, we have awarded an amazing 32 silver and 15 gold stars. Congratulations to the following students who have achieved silver or gold stars this week:
Silver: Hannah Robinson (7E) Peter Laanest (7L) Joseph Shewfelt (7L) Maria Yakovleva (7R) Alice Jenkins (8L) Katie Penn (8N) Tia Hall (8R)
Gold: Nicolas Berman (7A) Lilia Prowse (7E) Molly Sandford Smith (7L) Sahar Hodgson (7R) Rosie Fletcher (8E) Paris Hall (8S)

Remember also, all students who score 60% or more on a quiz earn AR points towards their form's total. At the end of this term there will be a prize for the forms that finish at the top of the Year 7 and Year 8 league tables. We update the tables each week; here are the current standings:

It's very tight at the top of the Year 8 table, with the lead changing this space!
Beaumont quizzers fill the AR board! Beaumont quizzers fill the AR board! Reviewed by Beaumont School Library on 12:13 Rating: 5
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