How to enter our book trailer competition

As part of this year's Beaumont Reads, we are running a competition asking students to make a book trailer to promote Counting by 7s. Congratulations to James Kott (8L) for being the first student to enter with a fantastic trailer!

So where do you start? There is lots of online information on how to make a great book trailer. Why not take a look at the following website for some good advice:

You will also find plenty of examples of book trailers online. See some of the latest trailers on the World Book Day website:

Here are the instructions for making and uploading your book trailer:

1. Film the video on your phone, tablet or camera and save the file to your computer. The trailer can contain moving images, or a series of still images. The ideal length would be around 90 seconds, but no longer than 3 minutes.
2. Join the Library Google Classroom by clicking the + icon at the top right of the screen. Enter the Class Code 8gfys4
3. Open the assignment by selecting 'Enter the Book Trailer Competition' .
4. Upload your book trailer/video file by clicking 'Add' then the Attachment/paper clip icon. Press 'Select Files From Your Computer', find your book trailer file and click 'Upload'.
5. Press 'Hand In'.

All entries should be in by Friday 16th December. Miss Hosegood will judge the entries and the winner will receive a Kindle Fire! If you have any questions about the competition, please come and see us in the library. Good luck and get creative!
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