Poems inspired by a room of Treasures

Here are the two poems written by the Book Club students during their Write Here! workshop at the British Library this week. During the session, the students each wrote a piece of creative writing taking, as inspiration, the Sir John Riblat Treasures room and the Library's 3D optical illusion painting Paradoxymoron (a mind-blowing experience in its own right!). The students each chose their favourite line from their written piece and then put these lines together to produce the poems. We think you'll agree that they have come together beautifully.
Leaving the Darkness
I don't have dreams simply because my mind can't comprehend 
the gorgeous fantasies of night,
My mind is dominated by silence,
My hand touches the knife,
The only thing that is stopping me is my stained reputation,
The intricate sound of insects and crickets with the occasional sound of birds singing,
The contrast of silence and noise.
Blood Flows
I am in the land where fire shoots and thrives and water doesn't flow,
Blood splattering and swords crashing,
I am worried for my father, and I dream of my mother,
I want people to care for each other and show love for each other.
The world I live in is a dark place,
I fear running out of time to make my mark on the world.

By Helena Baird, Maheen Rehan, Rachel Thompson, Will Benson, Fionnuala Cassidy, Tom Flury, Fiona Mason, Jasmine Udomjit and Etienne Yntema.
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