Books set in London

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The Olympic Reading Challenge - Going for Gold!

Sophia ACHEAMPONG - Growing Yams in London
Bernard ASHLEY - Little Soldier
Rafaella BARKER - Phosphorescence
Mark BARRATT - Joe Rat and the Wild Man
Tom BECKER - Darkside
Sarwat CHADDA - The Devil's Kiss
Keren DAVID - When I Was Joe
Charles DICKENS - Oliver Twist
Siobhan DOWD - London Eye Mystery
Charlie FLETCHER - Stoneheart
Hilary FREEMAN - Camden Town Tales
Neil GAIMIN - The Graveyard Book
Sally GARDINER - I, Coriander
Leon GARFIELD - Smith
Jamila GAVIN - Coram Boy
Alan GIBBONS - Scared to Death
Julia GOLDING - The Diamond of Drury Lane
Mark HADDON - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
Julia HEARN - Ivy
Charlie HIGSON - The Enemy
Mary HOOPER - Fallen Grace
Anthony HOROWITZ - Stormbreaker
Saci LLOYD - The Carbon Diaries 2015
Michelle LOVRIC - The Mourning Emporium
Sophie McKENZIE - The Medusa Project
Keith MANSFIELD - Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London
S.I. MARTIN - Jupiter Williams
Jon MAYHEW - Mortlock
China MIEVILLE - Un Lun Dun
Beverly NAIDOO - The Other Side of the Truth
Sam OSMAN - Quicksilver
John PILKINGTON - Traitor!
Chris PRIESTLY - Mr Creecher
Philip PULLMAN - Ruby in the Smoke
Celia REES - The Fool's Girl
Philip REEVE - Mortal Engines
Justin RICHARDS - The Parliament of Blood
Anna SEWELL - Black Beauty
Janette WINTERSON - Battle of the Sun
Rachel WARD - Numbers
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